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Exhumed & {Un​}​plugged

by Dr. Carmilla

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Karterstrophic thumbnail
Karterstrophic This is a gorgeous and interesting album. I love singing along to all the amazing songs, and can't wait to learn more about Dr. Carmilla's story! Favorite track: Exhumed.
theyggdrasilarchives thumbnail
theyggdrasilarchives i love this album, it is quite calming, while still having interesting lyrics that show emotion and plot. Favorite track: Lullaby.
i love this album--the lyrics are placed just right in the place between emotion and analysis. instrumentally, it's nothing but beautiful. the rain behind Eleven just hits me every time. Favorite track: Eleven.
capbushel thumbnail
capbushel I'm big on listening to albums in order, and this album definitely rewards that, intentionally or not. The loop back around to "Exhumed" after the end of "Lullaby" gives me chills in the best way possible! Favorite track: Eleven.
tiamat100 thumbnail
tiamat100 I adore this album. The music is gorgeous and the lyrics are witty and compelling. I struggled to choose a favourite track. Dr Carmilla's voice is wonderful and the songwriting is brilliant. I definitely recommend it. Favorite track: Exhumed.
Exhumed 02:04
When they dug me out the ground They first pronounced me dead, But as I rolled my eyes Then retracted what they said. Have I been asleep For a hundred years or more? Well I'm hungry, don't you see? "Please come closer to me, sir". I'm Carmilla, (That's 'Docteur' to you). You can run or you can try to hide, But that won't protect you from, That won't protect you from the truth. Well, now I'm in this lab And it's me that's on the slab, Surrounded by these instruments That I don't understand. Well, opportunity came A-knockin' roun' for me, So please don't be afraid Now that I am free. I'm Carmilla, And I'm really in the mood- you look kinda tasty to me, 失礼します! Well, I've never felt So alive. Even though I'm kinda dead, As you can see: this beast's inside. And though I know that it hurts To feel the way you do, When you die, I'll survive And surely, you know, I'll get over you.
Rocket Girl 04:44
I am the girl that they ignored, As they packed their possessions and fled from the shore. With an armful of books, they left me to weep, Beneath the willow tree I drifted to sleep. One day I'll be somebody else: A Rocket Girl. As my eyes opened wide, They drank from sky the cyan-eyed hue, Leaving behind the blues of the past. I'm lost and I'm free at last. In a cafe, I caught Glimpses of her- A picture of poetry Crafted by Orpheus. "Hey you look great, Where'd you get that dress?" We spoke about and Verne And The kiss I suppressed Burned my lips in refrain. Somehow, we're in your room. My knees start to give. When we went down on the bed I felt myself shiver and sigh. One day, lets fly together away, My Rocket girl. Rocket, Rocket Girl. September came and the sky starts to fade. You promised me that you'd take me away. We checked our flight gear and with eyeful of tears You drifted away, Deep into space Alone In your rocket, My Rocket... My Rocket Girl. Rocket, Rocket girl. You were my Rocket Girl. Rocket, Rocket Girl. My Rocket Girl...
Homesick 03:51
Dear mother, what did they do? As they tore you apart, piece-by-piece, You had nothing left to lose. Dear brother, what did you do? How could you choose to use nail and tooth? Sunk with you lust into bloodied roots, Bloodied roots. Dear sister, what did I do? Through my love and disdain I marked your early grave. Oh lover, we're not finally through. Oh, It's not over. For my crimes I'll watch the galaxy burn, As everything I love turns to shit and I'm wading through the dead of it. Dear father, I've come to kill you. Oh mother! What have they done to you? Oh mother! What have they done to you?
I am covered in these scars. Deep into my skin they are fused and etched within my DNA. But my body's not the enemy. Oh, I am haunted by their faces; Consumed in nightmares by their words. If only I could close my eyes and kill the voices deep inside. Alive, I cried. They broke me down and split me into parts And with their knives, they cut into my heart. And all the tears had dried; I grew cold, but still alive. I promised myself I wouldn't become a victim again. I promised myself I wouldn't become a tool for revenge. And all the tears I've cried, So many times I thought that I had died, But somehow I survived... Alive... Am I alive? But I'm still haunted by their faces; Consumed in nightmares by their words. If only I could close my eyes and kill the voices deep inside. Alive, I cried. But I'm still haunted by their faces; Consumed in nightmares by their words. If only I could close my eyes and kill the voices deep inside. Alive, Alive, Alive, Alive, I cried.
Pin Cushion 02:57
Since you died and came back to life You've been nothing but bloodshed and hurt. Before you were dead you were like sunshine, instead (except for that part where it burns). And I am fortune's fool for being in love With an image of what you once were. Despite what I think, I'm a sucker for blood, On my knees and in selfish love. Stick the needle in, 'Cos I won't feel a thing. Oh, c'mon, bring it on baby: I'm your bloody pin cushion. I'm your broken doll, I might be pretty but I'm dysfunctional. A jaded image of my former self; Pick me up, Dust me off, And put me back on the shelf. And you have this way of getting inside of me. And I just seem to love you more and more The more it's literally. Like poison in my veins, It's such a shame that I'm so enamoured with you. Oh, Loreli. On that night that we first met, I gave you my heart and my soul. And on that night that you died and returned, I'd lost the woman I loved.
Eleven 04:30
It's as though I'm made of glass: An invisible me that nobody sees. Is there some kind of... innate defect... That wrote my so-called 'destiny"? The hour tolls eleven And they begin to move the doors. "A woman knows her place in life; Daughters must die to win our wars". Can you hear us? Or are you too involved to see? Invisible dress-up dolls, Lined up and eager to please. Listen closely to the screams - The suffocating silencing. And in the front, the mirrored ones, The roses they grew were strapped to their guns. The trenches veins ran thick with red. The killing fields were paved with embers and lead. And nothing but the sound of rain. Bent like beggars, we bowed our heads. So silently we packed and left, The toy soldier and I. Thoughts drifted to the flowers, Scattered about, broken and dead. Marching victims, women of war. Eleven more coffins filled with roses. They dried off their tears and hushed their despairs, yet erect stood the cannons that had buried them there. Listen closely to the screams - The suffocating silencing. Listen closely to the screams - The suffoca'ing silencing. Listen closely to the scream - The suffoca-
Lullaby 03:29
Dig, dig my darling, We're going underground. No longer a slave to the lust I gave you, Hush, darling - don't make a sound. Tick-tock, tick-tock: The movement of a heart. Tick-tock, tick-tock: Winding down. Cold as the murder that you made into an art, Hush, my darling- listen to the... Sound... 愛してるけど、大嫌い。 気持ち悪いよ。 さようなら、 私の好きな人, Loreli. Oh, my Loreli. I remember better days When you laughed and danced in the cold snowflakes. Now all that is left is this disease, And though it's too hard to see you Even in my dreams. Oh, Loreli. Oh, my Loreli. Dig, dig my darling, We're going underground. No longer a slave to the lust I gave you, Hush, darling - don't make a sound.


This 7 track ukulele-centric album is a departure from Dr. Carmilla's previous releases. Sounding halfway between a live album and her regular studio recordings, Exhumed & {Up}lugged features a mixture of all-original material from her previous releases, live repertoire and new tracks.


released August 1, 2012

All Music & Lyrics by Dr. Carmilla.
Recorded & Engineered by Dr. Carmilla at Silvana Laboratory.
Mastering by Ben Steed & Rob Gilbank at PegasiaMusic.
Artwork & Design by Maki Yamazaki




Maki Yamazaki Glasgow, UK

Artist, Musician, VA & Games Developer, Maki Yamazaki probably spends too much time locked away in her studio, Silvana Laboratory. Geek, oddball and all-round creative person with a penchant for coffee, sci-fi, strong narratives and writing autobiographies in third person. ... more

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