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When they dug me out the ground
They first pronounced me dead,
But as I rolled my eyes
Then retracted what they said.

Have I been asleep
For a hundred years or more?
Well I'm hungry, don't you see?
"Please come closer to me, sir".

I'm Carmilla,
(That's 'Docteur' to you).
You can run or you can try to hide,
But that won't protect you from,
That won't protect you from the truth.

Well, now I'm in this lab
And it's me that's on the slab,
Surrounded by these instruments
That I don't understand.

Well, opportunity came
A-knockin' roun' for me,
So please don't be afraid
Now that I am free.

I'm Carmilla,
And I'm really in the mood-
you look kinda tasty to me,

Well, I've never felt
So alive.
Even though I'm kinda dead,
As you can see: this beast's inside.
And though I know that it hurts
To feel the way you do,
When you die,
I'll survive
And surely, you know,
I'll get over you.


from Exhumed & {Un​}​plugged, released August 1, 2012




Maki Yamazaki Glasgow, UK

Artist, Musician, VA & Games Developer, Maki Yamazaki probably spends too much time locked away in her studio, Silvana Laboratory. Geek, oddball and all-round creative person with a penchant for coffee, sci-fi, strong narratives and writing autobiographies in third person. ... more

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