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Ageha {Prototype Edition}

by Dr. Carmilla

Shattered pigment on a nameless wall [Left foot, right foot] And the beat goes on, As we march to the sound of a broken drum A hanging man swayed in the wind, The mask clung tightly to his pallid skin, But, "A punctured tank is all it takes To break a man, to cake a lung- So keep yourself strapped tight, tonight". We walked in the falling ashes And the dust settles, thick as thieves. Whilst angels slept in blackened snow, Unearthing bones 'midst sticks and stones, We dug our treasures from human sheaths. Overhead, the Sirens moaned, We packed and fled towards our homes, but "clumsy feet make people trip, The smallest tears will make you sick" And through the gas I felt your grip. I fell into the ash, You and I, thick as thieves. Whilst angels slept in blackened snow I saw their faces, close below, silently colliding as they speak.
We've got a pill to thrill you And a pill to make you sane. This one'll turn you inside out, One will melt your brain. There's a truth inside each one And the key to new disease. You can open up or try and run But try this first, please. There's a knife with your name on it- we can provide this for you- And with a pocket full of gold, my dear, There's nothing we can't do There's a truth inside Each one of you, So open up your sides because There's nothing you can do. Now your neighbour, dear Mrs. Alice- She's a picture of health, What's that you say? Her husband who died last week? Well let's just say: "His future held no wealth". You can say whatever you like, but you know the truth: We provide your medicine And we provide the future... There's a pink pill and a blue pill, But both will turn you red. Here's the bill for your organ. Pay up or we'll take the rest.
The butterfly is a pretty picture- Dress her up or dress her down. You can touch her with your eyes at night, Her stockings falling down She has no name, but she's a pretty creature- Pin her up or pin her down. You can touch her up tonight. Her head hits the ground She was the queen of fantasy -Silver tongue but hopelessly, From the bottom of her whisky glass, she drowns herself in misery- But she's lost in this part of town. After the bomb, it all came tumbling down In the back of a speakeasy, You watched her down her drink And in the back, late that night, "She's too fucked to put up a fight". One brave man with hopeful smile, Pulled out his junk to have a good while, But butterfly was pissed all right And took his knife and his eyes.
Rocket Girl 04:48
I am the girl that They ignored As they packed their obsessions And fled from the shore. With an armful of books They left me to weep Beneath the willow tree, I drifted to sleep. One day I'll be somebody else: A rocket girl. Rocket, rocket girl. As my eyes opened wide, They drank from sky The cyan-eyed hue, Leaving behind the blues Of the past. I'm lost and I'm Free at last. One day I'll be somebody else: A rocket girl. Rocket, rocket girl. In a cafe, I caught Glimpses of her- A picture of poetry Crafted by Orpheus. "Hey you look great, Where'd you get that dress?" We spoke about and Verne And The kiss I suppressed Burned my lips in refrain. Somehow, we're in your room. My knees start to give. When we went down on the bed I felt myself shiver and sigh. Some day, lets fly together away Rocket Girl You were my rocket girl. Rocket, rocket girl: You rocked my world, Rocket girl. September came And the sky starts to fade. You promised me That you'd take me away. We checked our flight gear And with eyeful of tears You drifted away deep in to space Alone In your rocket, Rocket, rocket girl. Rocket girl.


Dr. Carmilla's debut EP, Ageha is an introduction to her Retrospective Futurist world.


released January 20, 2011

All songs written, performed & Recorded by Dr. Carmilla at Silvana Laboratory.

Artwork courtesy of Maki Yamazaki




Maki Yamazaki Glasgow, UK

Artist, Musician, VA & Games Developer, Maki Yamazaki probably spends too much time locked away in her studio, Silvana Laboratory. Geek, oddball and all-round creative person with a penchant for coffee, sci-fi, strong narratives and writing autobiographies in third person. ... more

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